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WASD - Move

Left/right click - Interact

Taking place in the underworld, a mysterious merchant provides you with a business to run, a lemonade stand! As you serve the denizens of this hellish suburbia the unbearable conditions of the environment start becoming a bit more bearable. Your goal, if you so choose to accept, is to earn enough money to upgrade your business from just a stand to an entire restaurant. 

This game was developed for a 10-week course at TAMU. Will have continued development so any and all feedback (even critical and picky things) is enocouraged!


Christopher Kornosky 

Lead Programmer / Project Manager 


Emily Chau 

2D Artist / Concept Artist / 3D Artist 

Insta: @quaphadoodle

Jiaqi Cui 

Tech Artist / General Programmer  


Anantha Natarajan Santhana Srinivasan 

Tech Artist / General Programmer 

Lauren Bradley 

2D Artist / Graphic Designer / Sound Designer


Insta: @lojobraddesigns

Adrienne Bulos 

2D Artist / Concept Artist / 3D Artist 

Brieyhleai Simmons

2D Artist / Concept Artist / 3D Artist 



LuciLemonadeStand.zip 79 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading! Playing the game is as simple as extracting the contents of the .zip file and clicking on the .exe!

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