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A turn-based RPG following three professionals as they traverse the virus-ridden island in search of the source of malice.

Takes roughly around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Originally made for the TAMU LIVE Lab Covid Jam.  

Original Soundtrack

Listen to the OST here!


Lloyd Donelan >  Programming (Combat Game-play) / Combat Designer > Itch.io

Christopher Kornosky >  Programming ("Overworld" mechanics) / Pixel Art + Animation >  Instagram

Cara Baxter > Character Art/Character Design/Pixel Art/Writing > Instagram

Eduardo Hincapie > Music > Instagram, SoundCloud


Panacea_Win64_2.0.zip 79 MB


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Updated with links to Ed's SoundCloud and the game OST.

New build uploaded for Viz-a-gogo!