How to Play:

Your goal: Claim the most tiles possible by the last turn or eliminate all enemies.

Select your characters to either move, attack, or claim multiple tiles.

Once you have selected an action, click on the surrounding green tiles to complete the action. If you're moving, choose which tile to move to. If you're attacking ("Pew Pew"),  select a tile with an enemy character on it if possible. If you use the Claim Blitz, select an area where the claim will be laid.

 The more tiles you cover, the more mana you earn. You can use this mana to attack or use the Claim Blitz (each one costs mana, but the number of tiles you cover stays the same).

When you've made all of the move you've wanted to make, select "End Turn" and wait for the enemy to make their turn. Watch out; they can attack you as well!

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